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Local Motors, the open source manufacturer

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Local Motors, the open source manufacturer
Local Motors, the open source manufacturer © Capture d'écran

Whatever got into John Rogers Jr in 2007 to make him decide to start manufacturing cars? The answer is digital technology. The founder of Local Motors, in Phoenix (USA), wanted to manufacture small series of very beautiful cars and achieve a ‘good’ project for society. To link these two goals, he has been constantly introducing new tools and methods from digital technology into the very heart of his industrial processes. He began with a collaborative design by an online designer community.

Models were then managed according to Creative Commons’ licensing rules for the open source software adapted to this sector. In 2009, Local Motor’s Rally Fighter became the world’s very first Creative Commons’ car. Vehicles are designed and manufactured for local use by local employees, using local infrastructures, energy sources, and materials. To carry through its vehicle R&D, design work, manufacturing and marketing, Local Motors chose regional micro-sites - a cross between fab labs and factories - to bring all these activities together. Its premises cover around 4,000?m2 and can produce at least 250 vehicles a year.


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