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Renault, in search of a business model

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Renault, in search of a business model
Renault, in search of a business model

Open data is also an issue at Renault, which is currently looking into using open source. The launch of R & Go on the new Twingo is interesting. Rather than an R-Link system on car screens, R & Go is installed on drivers’ smartphones to control navigation, eco-driving, and phone calls. This means Twingo no longer needs a screen and applications can be renewed much faster?via simple updates.

Renault is also looking for this same flexibility in processes via projects such as its Fab Lab?or Innovation Room. "Renault thinks capitalism is in crisis," explains a Renault researcher. "We need to find another business model and instil this spirit of change, which has come from external sources, at Renault." To this end, Renault has been running a research department in Silicon Valley for the past four years. It is also trying to implement new processes into the company via projects such as the Twizy quadricycle. The small Creative Lab team is a direct spin-off of this. Its role is to suggest concept-cars within a very short time frame on themes such as: "What would a smartphone on four-wheels look like?"