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Waiting for Big Data...

Parution Usine Nouvelle Waiting for Big Data...

Edition Abonnés Big data has received massive publicity and is mentioned at every conference and in every manufacturing or research project. In France, it is the only technology to be both one of French Minister for […]

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Manufacturing Processes Go Green

Parution Usine Nouvelle Manufacturing Processes Go Green

Edition Abonnés Most manufacturers are trying to limit the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes, offering a wonderful playground for numerical simulation. Whether constrained by regulations or cost […]

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Parution Usine Nouvelle Unravelling the Structure of the Universe...

Edition Abonnés It would be difficult to go any further. The Dark Energy Universe Simulation-Full Universe Run (DEUS-FUR) project run by the Universe and Theories Laboratory (LUTH) at the Paris Observatory has […]

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Parution Usine Nouvelle Elucidating a Component of the HIV Virus

Edition Abonnés An advance in AIDS research — Researchers at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have fully reproduced the structure of the capsid, the protective shell for genetic material in the […]

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From equation to image

Parution Usine Nouvelle From equation to image

Edition Abonnés To the neophyte, simulated images may be misleading. To an expert, numerical images of physical or biological phenomena are often worth more than a thousand words.

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Total is Fueled by Algorithms

Parution Usine Nouvelle Total is Fueled by Algorithms

Edition Abonnés The oil company Total uses supercomputers to model all areas of its industry: exploration, refining, and reservoir exploitation. In a group as big as Total, hundreds of thousands, indeed millions, of […]

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A Long Chain of Skills

Parution Usine Nouvelle A Long Chain of Skills

Edition Abonnés Mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists are combining their expertise to design and use numerical simulation tools. In the beginning was the number. “Numerical simulation consists of […]

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Optis, the Hyperrealist

Parution Usine Nouvelle Optis, the Hyperrealist

Edition Abonnés This French SME designs optical simulation tools that takes into account the physics of light and materials’ surfaces. One of the most significant features of our media-dominated society is the power […]

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The boss who brings your projects to light

Parution Usine Nouvelle The boss who brings your projects to light

Edition Abonnés Luminous and radiant. Two terms that perfectly describe Jacques Delacour when he is talking about his passion: optical simulation. When in 1985 the fates of the entrance exams sent this son of an […]

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Profiting from high-performance computing

Parution Usine Nouvelle Profiting from high-performance computing

Edition Abonnés Numerical simulation can be a tool for SMEs to achieve competitive advantage. Although the transition is not easy, a network of experts is at hand to help them. Numerical simulation is not for us!» […]

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Predicting Climate Change

Parution Usine Nouvelle Predicting Climate Change

Edition Abonnés In September 2013, the first part of the fifth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report confirmed climate change predictions up to the end of this century. Depending on the scenario […]

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DCNS, the 3D Shipbuilder

Parution Usine Nouvelle DCNS, the 3D Shipbuilder

Edition Abonnés DCNS is enthusiastic about virtual reality. It has extended it to the Fremm frigate program and is testing augmented reality in the production stage. After donning 3D glasses, visitors to the virtual […]

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War as though you were in the thick of it

Parution Usine Nouvelle War as though you were in the thick of it

Edition Abonnés The French General Directorate for Armament is counting on its simulation experts to speed up design work on future weapon systems. Imagine that you are the commanding officer of a ship overseeing a […]

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Parution Usine Nouvelle Giant-size projects

Edition Abonnés Simulation is playing an increasingly important role in major scientific research projects, whether to elucidate abstract questions or provide answers to public health issues. People may wonder if […]

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Preparing the Energy of the Future

Parution Usine Nouvelle Preparing the Energy of the Future

Edition Abonnés A mixture of atomic nuclei and electrons, whose temperature reaches 150 million degrees in the center and contains vortices throughout-- A number of teams across the globe are working to model how […]

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Météo-France sharpens forecasts

Parution Usine Nouvelle Météo-France sharpens forecasts

Edition Abonnés The French national meteorological service has increased its computing power in a bid to refine its atmospheric forecasting models. In 2013, Météo-France installed two new supercomputers on its […]

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Parution Usine Nouvelle Understanding Brain Activity

Edition Abonnés This is the most ambitious simulation project ever launched. It involves reproducing the complexity of the human brain on computers. Part of the Human Brain Project (HBP), with an allocation of 1 […]

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