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Parution Usine Nouvelle Dassault Aviation, Virtual Pilot

Edition Abonnés This aircraft constructer has pioneered the transition to numerical simulation, and its teams are constantly developing applications for it. You are in the cockpit, with the plane controls at your […]

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Parution Usine Nouvelle Anticipation is RTE's Creed

Edition Abonnés From electricity markets to electromagnetic transients, this electricity transmission system operator can’t do without its simulators. Simulation is everywhere at RTE (Réseau de Transport […]

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Parution Usine Nouvelle Veolia Environnement prepares Smart Cities

Edition Abonnés This French Group has been using simulation for water and waste water treatment for almost two decades. It is now addressing the issue of smart cities. Singapore, Mexico and Lyon may be the first […]

10/04/2014 - 00H00
Optis, the Hyperrealist

Parution Usine Nouvelle Optis, the Hyperrealist

Edition Abonnés This French SME designs optical simulation tools that takes into account the physics of light and materials’ surfaces. One of the most significant features of our media-dominated society is the power […]

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